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Award Criteria
The winners will be the nominees who best meet the following requirements:
  • Personal and professional conduct must be indicative of unimpeachable moral character, emotional stability, integrity and dependability. Describe how this nominee's conduct meets these requirements.
  • Displays personal habits and personality that merits and receives the respect and esteem of co-workers, supervisors, peers and others. Describe how the nominee's personal habits and personality meet these requirements.
  • Exhibits outstanding performance in controlling any situation, i.e. emergency incidents, personnel, emergency repairs, etc. Describe how this nominee's performance meets these requirements.
  • Exceptional courage, foresight, alertness or skill in the performance of highly creditable and unusual situations. Describe how this nominee's display of exceptional courage, foresight, alertness and skill meet these requirements.
  • Acts of valuable communications service demonstrating special faithfulness and perseverance. Describe the actions that show how this nominee's conduct meets these requirements.
  • Actions which reflect the highest tradition of public safety communications. Describe the actions that show how this nominee's conduct meets these requirements.
  • Actions which demonstrate dedication to the field of public safety communications and a continuing interest in maintaining the highest standards. Include the creation of innovative ideas and involvement toward the implementation of procedures or new technology. Describe how this nominee's actions have demonstrated the dedication to meet these requirements.
  • Include with your application form all available documentation, other awards and commendations, along with anything else you feel is above and beyond the call for duty. Please include photocopies of awards, commendations, press clippings, audiotapes, etc.
The deadline for submission is August 31st, 2020.