4th Annual Illinois APCO Spring Leadership Symposium - May 12th and 14th

Illinois APCO presents its 4th Annual Spring Leadership Symposium- Effingham on May 12th (Telecommunicators) and 14th (Supervisors / Directors), 2021. The Symposium has grown into a popular event for all members of your staff.  Due to ongoing concerns regarding Covid-19, this years Effingham sessions will be held virtually. With 2 sessions distinct sessions, one designed specifically for Telecomunicators, and the other for Supervisors and Manager/Directors. In these sessions you will have a chance to discuss the issues that your Center is experiencing and actively exchange ideas on solutions. Thanks to our Sponsors, this years Symposium is being presented without charge to attendees. Registration is required to attend and APCO membership is not required.   

Day 1 (May 12th): Telecommunicators

09:00-09:50 Telecommunicators can be leaders too!

Often telecommunicators feel as if they work in an environment where they have very little input; they must only do as they are told. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Management is always looking for the next leader who is willing to identify problems and develop solutions to make the agency better. This session is geared to bring out the best examples you can share to inspire others to be an active and positive voice within their own center. 

09:50-10:40 Where is the fun at?

This session is intended to encourage everyone to share what they do to keep the mood light and positive in their centers. Managing negativity is a challenge in our industry and we must fight to keep our staff in a positive mood. COVID seems like it sucked the fun out of work this year, but did it? 

10:40-11:20 Changing Culture

Changing your agency’s culture should be on every TC’s agenda. Let’s talk about some things that you have done, or seen done, that have changed the culture in your organization during this past year of turbulence. 

11:20-12:00 The Fine Print

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that Collective Bargaining Agreements and our own policy manuals were clearly not contemplating pandemic responses when they were drafted. What have you added on the fly, how have you adapted, and why are you smarter now than you were before?

12:00-12:30 Training Programs

Can you really train someone in dispatch if you can’t get within 6 feet of them? What are you doing to make sure the trainees are getting quality instruction while not swapping excessive aerosols with them?

12:30-13:00 Lunch and Open Chat

Jump in the Zoom chat and ask for help while you are eating your lunch. Others can respond in chat and we will also be unmuting people to elaborate if they need to use audio. 

1300-1400: Stress in the PSAP with Dr. Michelle Lilly

Join Doctor Michelle Lilly and discuss the effects of traumatic stress on our employees. We will discuss identification and options for intervention.

1400-1500 Cannibals of the modern day PSAP

How are your cannibals eating during COVID? What are you doing to try and protect everyone from eating each other? Has your cannibalism rate dropped during these troubling times? Have you found opportunities to band together in the name of virus defense?


Register for Supervisor / Director / Manager  DayPrint the Supervisor / Director Manager Day Agenda

Day 2 (May 14th): Supervisors/Directors/Managers

09:00-09:40: Hiring in today’s pandemic world.

How are you hiring during COVID? Using any new tools and techniques to keep the machine moving? How was your first Zoom-er-view? Is everyone else depleted or is it just Grundy?

9:40-11:00: Bullying and Cannibalism; it is time for a change of culture.

At the March event we spoke a lot about this topic. Let us keep the conversation moving forward and discuss how we are going to attack this problem in a meaningful way this coming year. 

12:15-13:00 Open Chat

Jump in the Zoom chat and ask for help while you are eating your lunch. Others can respond in chat and we will also be unmuting people to elaborate if they need to use audio. 

13:00-15:00 Legal Time with John Kelly

After a presentation on legal hot topics in 911, John Kelly will answer specific questions that have been submitted ahead of time.