Tuesday 08:30 CTO Roundtable

Program Objectives

1) To provide a forum for current CTO's to discuss & share successes and challenges in their training program 
2)To identify different resources, certifications, and ideas for CTO's to bring back to their agencies 
3) To provide an opportunity for CTO's to meet and network in order to continue sharing resources and ideas     

Program Description

The CTO is one of the most important, yet often overlooked positions in a 911 Center. They are responsible for training the next generation of TC's, and are integral in the shaping of a new employee's career. However, there are few opportunities for them to share and learn new techniques and ideas from peers at other Centers. Using interactive discussion and live polling, the presenters will focus on 6-7 topics that are relevant to CTOs at any agency, including: Types & length of training programs; certifications/programs used; DOR's; PIP's; Trainee/CTO conflict resolution; and Tasklists. Attendees will be encouraged to share what their agencies do and have the opportunity to learn from and share with others.   

Presenter Bio's

 Jan Savage is the Support Services Manager at WESCOM. With 17 years of experience, Jan rose through the ranks from Fire TC to Shift Supervisor, and now to Manager. One of Jan's primary areas of responsibility is overseeing employee training, which includes the new TC basic training program. Jan strives to work with WESCOM's training supervisor and CTO's to constantly evaluate and update WESCOM's training program. 

Erich Sommer is the Operations Manager at WESCOM. With 16 years of experience, Erich rose through the ranks from Fire TC to Shift Supervisor, and now to Manager. One of Erich’s primary areas of responsibility is the daily operations of the WESCOM Operations Center.  As such, he frequently interacts with the Support Services Manager and training team to ensure their goals and objectives are able to be met while maintaining adequate staffing and providing a positive training environment.