Tuesday 08:30 Protecting the PSAP: Preparing Leadeship for Cyber Attacks

Program Objectives

Protecting the PSAP: Preparing Leadership for Cyber Attacks    
1) Learn about preventative practices that help thwart cyber threats and creating polices to keep your personnel safe 
2) Learn how to apply layers of cybersecurity to make it harder for cyber threats to access your network 
3) Learn from recent cyber attacks in neighboring counties and states and what you can do to minimize network scope and impact    

Program Description

The public safety sector is constantly under attack. Law enforcement is focused on protecting the public, but what happens when law enforcement is the target? One successful cyber-attack from cyber criminals or state actors can infiltrate an IT platform causing disruption and blocking access to critical life-saving services and the stealing of valuable law enforcement data. This learning session will focus on preparing public safety leadership how to respond in the midst of a cyber event. In addition, Sean Scott will also discuss insights gained from working with public safety agencies and local governments across the country and how to leverage that information to help create policies and prevention practices to help protect those who protect us.

Presenter Bio

Sean Scott is CEO & CTO of SecuLore Solutions. With over 30 years as a technology innovator and cybersecurity solutions architect, Sean Scott has been instrumental in designing SecuLore’s patented cybersecurity solution. A combination of proprietary next-generation hardware and software offered as a service, through their Maryland security operations center (SOC). His expertise leading technical organizations has been proven. Sean spent 16 years taking Resilience Corporation from a Silicon Valley startup, to a global firewall company. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Sean served the mission of securing our nation, as an electronic warfare specialist.