Tuesday 1:00 PM Builiding Your Network: Who You Know is as Important as What You Know

Program Objectives

Building Your Network: Who You Know is as Important as What You Know    
1) Identify that knowledge is only one half of career growth, relationships is the other 
2) Discuss how does one network when sitting under the headset 
3) Provide actionable information and steps to help attendees take steps to grow a professional network    

Program Dewccription

Does having a professional network matter? How do you build a professional network while sitting under the headset? Is what you know more important, or who you know? How do you turn connections into relationships? We will discuss the purpose and benefits of networking as well as types and ways to network. Attendees will leave with some new ideas as well as practical and actionable steps for building and growing their professional network.    

Presenter Bio

Amy Marion joined RapidSOS in 2019 and has served in multiple roles across the organization; she has 25 years of 911 and public safety experience. Amy has a well rounded perspective having served in operations, management, administrative, and technical roles as well as being involved in legislative work over the years. Amy is active in her state APCO and NENA chapters. She currently serves on the IL APCO Executive Board as a Chapter Commercial Advisory Member (CCAM), the Illinois Public Safety Telecommunications Association (IPSTA) Conference Executive Board, and the Illinois Joint APCO/NENA Legislative Committee. Amy serves on the APCO Commercial Advisory Council and has served on NENA committee working groups. On a personal level, Amy is also a law enforcement/military spouse and parent. Both her professional and personal experience motivate her to continue educating about new and improved technologies as well as health and wellness resources for all of public safety.