Tuesday 3:00 PM T-CPR: Your Role Matters!

Program Objectives

T-CPR: Your Role Matters!     
1) Recognizing the need for CPR 
2) Giving Instructions Effectively 
3) What to do after the call    

Program Description

Recognizing the difference between agonal breathing, regular breathing, and no breathing. We will break down some of the barriers our callers face before and after performing CPR. Instructing our caller to start CPR instead of asking if they want to do CPR. We will talk about being apart of the EMS chain of survival and what the dispatcher's role is. Working within an EMS System to get a patient update so we know the ending of these high-stress calls.    

Presenter Bio

Zachary Oltmanns currently works at the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office and has been employed in the communications division for the last 9.5 years. He currently holds the rank of Communications Sergeant which is comparable to shift supervisor in most other dispatch centers. He has been a CPR Instructor for the last 14 years and currently holds his EMT-Basic License and volunteers at a local fire department.