How do I get the money?
At the end of the academic period, if the recipient maintains an overall equivalent of a 'C' average in all classes, then Illinois APCO will reimburse the student for all qualified expenses up to the maximum scholarship amount. Example...John is enrolled in the fall semester at U of I in Champaign. At the end of that semester John has an overall 'B' average. John can now submit up to $2,000 in receipts for tuition, books and/or lab fees. He can also ask for $1,000 in eligible expenses, and then carry the unused balance into the next academic period because the scholarship is good for a full twelve months from the date of the award. If John did not maintain at least a 'C' average then he could not claim any portion of his scholarship for that academic period.

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1. What information do I need to send with the application and written narrative?
2. What if I am a senior in high school?
3. Who is eligible to receive this scholarship?
4. Which family members are eligible?
5. How much is the scholarship?
6. What can I use the money for?
7. How do I get the money?
8. Where can I use the scholarship?
9. How can I apply for this scholarship?
10. Who decides the winner?
11. Where do I send my application?
12. If I have more questions whom can I contact?