Notice of Illinois APCO Chapter Officer Elections

After many years and dedication to IL APCO John Mostaccio has made the decision to resign from his elected position of Treasurer.  Due to this unforeseen decision and the fact the nominations have already closed for the upcoming elections, the IL APCO Executive Board has voted to open a special nomination period to receive candidate resumes for the position of Chapter Treasurer.  


The nomination period for Chapter treasurer position will be between 10/31/2021 and 11/13/2021 at 1700 hours.  Nominees must meet the requirements as published in the Illinois APCO Bylaws under Article 6, Section 6.6. All nominees must have completed their Candidate resumes before the deadline


As previously published, electronic voting will begin for voting members on November 15th at 0800 hours and will conclude on December 8th at 1700 hours. The winner will be announced at the Chapter’s December 9th, 2021, meeting.

Director Martin Doyle has been appointed  the interim role as Chapter Treasurer with the advice and consent of the Executive Board, and will maintain until the successor is elected and sworn in.

Brent Reynolds

IL APCO President


Additional information: 

Download Candidate Resume Form 

Candidate requirements

Section 6.6 Qualifications. Candidates for the Executive Committee shall meet or exceed the minimum qualifications listed below:. 

  1. Has been an IL APCO member in good standing for a minimum of two years serving in a non-commercial capacity as set forth in the APCO International Membership Policy;
  2. Be a lawfully permanent resident of the United States
  3. Shall be an active participant in IL APCO;
  4. Candidates for the Office of President, First Vice-President, and International Executive Council Representative shall be elected by the voting-eligible membership of the Chapter and must have served a minimum of four years of the last ten years on the Board of Officers;
  5. The Second Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, elected by the voting-eligible membership of the Chapter;
  6. In the absence of candidates under this section, the Executive Board will declare an open election for office vacancies.   The requirements in Section 6.6 (a), (c), and (d) will be waived and the candidates will only need to be a voting-eligible member at the time of the election. 
  7. Candidates for Chapter President, First Vice-President, Second Vice- President, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Council shall be voting-eligible members.